You just arrived on our e-shop and we already hear you saying "Heeeeelpp"

Offering lingerie is such a sweet intention, but not that easy ! If you don't want to make mistakes, just follow the guide ! No panic, we are here to help so she can have her dreamed lingerie. 

sos je suis un homme badines.jpg

1 - Fist of all, the line's choice

 Even if the whole collection is beautiful (French modesty), it is hard to make a choice. You need to pick up something you like, but also something SHE likes !

There are five different lines in Badines' collection : 

2 – The different shapes

Are you still following? Let's start the technical part. We need to find a compromise between what you like and what she likes, - meaning - what she is used to wear...


With Badines, there is five different shapes of bra that we often find in stores. They don't offer the same rendering.

Here is a small recap : 

  • Push-up : This is not always a padded bra, but it enhanced the cleavage and places the bust to the center thanks to the wires. It will be suitable for women who want to highlight the low-cut neckline.
  • Balconnet : It is a bra with an horizontal  cut on the chest and that will offer a beautiful natural curve.
  • Demi-cup : More covering, it gives a better support to the chest.
  • Le Bandeau et le Triangle : Those shapes are very trendy and often liked by women with a smaller chest or those who want comfort. We can perceive the lace gently placed on the skin under some small tops.


One you have chosen the bra, our French reputation almost force us to buy the matching panties. Choosing a set is therefore essential. 
The classical brief, the sexy thong, the unavoidable tanga, or the shorty... What to choose? You obviously have your favorite, but it is important to choose something that she will love wearing. If you want to know what she likes, the first step is to have a look at her drawer !


3 – The size 

Aillleee Aillle Ailllleeeee it's becoming more complicated now !

Now that you have "borrowed" her lingerie, one good idea would be to check the sizes on the label. At least, no mistake! 

Even if you think that your girl is the most beautiful in the world, she might not be necessarily an XS when it comes to clothes sizes. It does not mean she is not extremely beautiful! Moreover, the brand sizes a little bit small, so if you hesitate between two sizes, take the bigger one !  You can say it's our fault ;)
For more details, you can check the size guide HERE.

 PS : For information, 90C is not the price, it is the size! (Just a little check-up !)

4 -  Little Extra « made in Badines » 

Your lovely kindness doing this present is so adorable that you can't stop in such a good path. If you want to spice up your evenings, we have selected some playful accessories that you will probably like! 

Another little extra that your lover might like, is our line of lace jewels : bracelets or chokers, don't hesitate to have a look!

5 – The packaging

Be careful ! Despite the fact that our lingerie is delivered in a cute coton bag and wrapped into a silk paper, we must admit that a beautiful gift box makes the difference.  Once again, we have a solution : you can add a special box for a bigger surprise :)

From now on, you can browse our e-shop safely and find the perfect gift! 

In case our advices were not enough, be aware that your lover can either change or return the product if needed!

3, 2, 1… Gentlemen, it's your turn now !! 

GO ! 


Thank you to Emma Donikian for the beautiful illustrations