Badines' Universe

Our Lingerie

/ The Concept

Designed so it can satisfy women's different needs and expectations, Badines Lingerie is created to concile the requirement of quality and an affordable price, without letting behind comfort and well-being... One proof of that is the signature of the brand : the choice of a front-opening for most of the bras. 

/ Quality

The lingerie Badines is the association of noble and delicate materials like French Laces and embroidery from Switzerland, for elegant and refined pieces in which you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

Composed of 4 lines : Carrousel, Bal Masqué, Bagatelle et Colin Maillard, our collections are playful and sensual...

Ode to love and freedom, lingerie is to us one of those little pleasures of life, and we whole-heartedly hope to become one of yours. It is an invitation to hedonism, like a vale that highlights your body and curves, while sensitizing all senses. 

/ Production

Badines is a lingerie collection composed of bras, panties, nighties and bodysuits, designed by the creator of the brand in France, and made in Morocco by local artisans respectful of the traditional confection of lingerie.

Each piece is made to be an object of exception, an anthology of the finest tulle and lace, for a perfect result.

Badines' Spirit

Badine (French feminine adjective): of a joyful nature, who likes to laugh and tease around. 

The “Badines” woman is happy, cheeky, girly, elegant, passionate, lively, free, sexy, cuddly, refined, shy, natural, provocative, light, curious, creative, playful, clumsy, soft, troubling, audacious, sensual, sassy, modern, occupied, intelligent, delicate, teasing, dreamy, cheater, unpredictable…

The Badines woman is YOU : unique. Like this or like that, or all of it at the same time…

/ A lingerie to enjoy life ! 

Beautiful materials essentially French, among which the Calais Lace is queen...

A spirit where refinement and delicacy, joy and laugh, femininity and game...

Des lignes sensuelles et tendances, aussi belles que malignes... 

Badines Lingerie, c’est une lingerie actuelle, pour la femme moderne d’aujourd’hui. 

/ Natural Beauty

Because we are convinced that each and every woman is beautiful as she is, we encourage you to send us pictures of you wearing Badines Lingerie. For yourself, in order to re-discover your beautiful curves, to learn how to love ourselves, to dare, to enjoy, to have fun, to make us happy, for all women ! We will share them only if you want to, mainly on our Instagram account @badineslingerie.