What is it exactly?

Personal well-being starts with accepting one’s self, accepting our body, understanding our wants and desires. That is why you will love Badines's nights!

/ Conviviality

Door-to-door Badines sales evenings will allow you to not only try on the lingerie, feel the products, but also have a great time! In fact, during the Badines get-togethers, the goal is to get rid of all stress, to have fun, to let go of all worries! Laughs and conviviality are our promise to you!

/ Discovery

During these sales, we will be talking about sensuality and seduction... Through the sale of lingerie, jewels and sensual cosmetics,  we will touch on, between women, current topics, personal subjects, but also taboos… We will break down barriers!

So, are you curious to try this?

May your tastes lead you towards lingerie, accessories, tasty cosmetics or sex toys, your purchase will be carried out with utter discretion and confidentiality! As a matter of fact, when ordering, you will be individually taken to a separate room in order to respect your utmost privacy.

Win gifts !

Whatever may be your age or the city you live in, we encourage you to organize a get-together at your home with your friends. This does not engage you in anything, a part from daring!

When reserving your Badines evening, you will win different gifts depending on the value of the purchases you and your friends make. The more the representative sells, the more you win! The value of your gift equals 5% of the total value of sales made during the evening.

In order to organize a home-party selling or just know some more, contact us on contact@badines-lingerie.com. We are here to answer your questions and are looking forward to introduce our brand!