We are hiring !

Nous recrutons

Whatever may be your experience, you are all welcome to join the Badines team! We are hiring all year long, all around France!

Why being part of Badines' team? 

  • YOU ARE FREE : You are free to organize your sales as you wish. You are independent and schedule yourself your timetable and activities. Be autonomous in managing your hours, the days you wish to work, where you wish to work, and solely responsible for your sales!
  • WE WILL WORK TOGETHER : Does entrepreneurship intrigue you? Make the leap! Badines is a dynamic, young and attentive brand. Home party sales are our priority and when joining us, you will become part of our team !
  • YOU ARE TRAINED : No need to be worried, you will be given free formation throughout the time of your activity with us. Human contact is essential to us; never will you be left alone and without guidance!
  • YOU ARE A WINNER : You will be surprised and glad to see all that you are capable of! Each month, you will receive a commission on your total sales. It is up to you to define your objectives! Your salary depends you’re your investment and motivation! 


Get started ?

For more information, do not hesitate to write us and we will be sure to reply in the following 48 hours! We cannot wait for you to join the team!